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Our Vision

To establish Raj Overseas as an industry leader and a pioneer through innovative products, high standards of quality and technological excellence, strong customer focus and a global distribution network, empowered employees, a commitment to the environment, and the maintenance of the highest standards of ethics.

Mission Statement

To Engage Profitably

By providing the highest value to our customers through personal engagement and innovation.

To Engage Responsibly

By attaining the highest levels of efficiency, honesty and integrity in our daily functioning.

To Engage Effectively

By consistent reflection and improvements in manufacturing and service.

Our Core


1. Trust and Credibility


2. Superior Quality


3. Product Innovation


4. Respect for each other and the environment


5. Community Service


6. Timely Delivery


7. Constant and Consistent Learning

Our Guiding


We, at Raj Overseas, believe that our client's success is paramount and we make every endeavour to contribute to this. By working with and sharing knowledge with our customers and building lasting relationships we help ensure progress that is enduring and synergistic.


We stay rooted in our organisation's heritage, while also being committed towards changing with the times. As a pioneer developer of felt and recycled plastics yarn 'PET'; we are committed towards being an innovation leader in the industry. We focus on creating designs that are fashion forward and on crafting and using materials for the modern lifestyle.


Our employees are our biggest growth drivers and we ensure that we provide a safe and positive work environment for them. We aim for continuous employee development by setting and following best practices in Human Resource Management. Our employees also undergo various skill development programs and participate in numerous social events to help build a camaraderie that holds the organisation in good stead. Raj Overseas respects each employee as an individual and strives to bring in a sense of shared community in the organisational environment.


At Raj Overseas, we believe in giving back to the community to reciprocate for the benefits that we have accrued as an organisation. Amongst the numerous initiatives that we have undertaken, we believe in placing a strong emphasis on contributing to the growth of the textile industry, ensuring fair trade practices, working closely on renewable and sustainable energy resources, and ensuring access to and availability of health and education services for our communities. Specifically, we are the pioneer in Fair Trade practices in the Indian


Textile Industry, we organise nationally recognised exhibitions under the title of Raj Art Initiative, We have established solar and wind power plants in the states of Haryana, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, and we have set up a Trust Fund to ensure that the education and health needs of our local community are well taken care of.


Furthermore, Raj Overseas works closely with the accredited educational institution Bal Vikas School and helps provide subsidised and quality education to the young children of the local community. In thus giving back to our community, we believe that we also contribute towards building a young and dynamic leadership base for our country's future.

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