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Raj Group has been providing complete floor covering solutions since, 1939. We design and produce custom carpets and area rugs for hospitality, automobile, IT and various other industries. 

At Raj Group we're passionate about creating exceptional experiences with the highest quality material, ethically sustainable business practices and best in class work standards to meet the project needs of any size, scale or specifications. 

Thanks to our experienced team of designers, quality inspectors, craftsmen & women they all work with the same passion and zeal to bring exceptional artwork to life.  We work closely with interior designers, architects, curators and businesses to fully understand their requirements and deliver them outstanding quality and cost-effective products that meet their goals, enhances the ambience and improves their brand experience.  

We invite you to work with us and create an amazing experience for your customers and your workforce.

Raj Group craft Area Carpets, Wall-to-wall carpets, all flooring solutions done with great attention to details and with great aesthetics. Flooring Solutions by Raj Group. India's largest manufacturer of Rugs & Carpets.


Wall-to-Wall carpets provide aesthetics that are second to none.
Flooring Solutions which absorbs sound. Best ACCOUSTICS Solutions by Raj Group - Hospitality, Automobile and IT industry.


Our Rugs & Carpets absorb echo sound by 30%. helps in keeping the environment less “noisy”
Best and Comfortable Rugs & Carpets for All industries type


Carpet provides a "padding" and an insulation layer between our feet and the floor, thus providing good comfort for the users.
ANTI-STATIC Rugs and Carpets for Industries, Small-Business and Homes.


Our carpets are anti-static up to 3.5kV, which is the threshold for human sensitivity.

Reduces FIRE Risk 

Our Rugs & Carpet "self extinguishes" reduces the fire spread.


Our Rugs & Carpets act like “dirt-trap” making the environment cleaner and healthier.


20+ Industry-Leading Hospitality Brands 

3 Hotel Chains at PAN Level

2 Major GLOBAL
Cinema  Chains


Artificial Green Grass Solutions by Raj Group 

Artificial Green Grass is fast becoming the preferred choice for users looking for easy to maintain and easy to clean, natural-looking, Weatherproof long-term solution. Napoli includes all those features.

Artificial grass for landscape has become more and more popular especially in areas where water is in short supply and natural grass is difficult to grow. Artificial grass adopted the principle of Bionic production.

Napoli artificial grass products are the most innovative turf you can get. The grass fibres are C-shaped, which is copied from natural grass, to make it look indistinguishable from real.

Applications include landscaping, Gardens, public places, Yards, Balconies, and Terraces. Can be installed both indoor and outdoor. We at Raj Group been helping our various clients from various industries, installing Artificial Green Grass solutions. 

No need for fertilizer, pesticides. Our grass is always green without any harm causing products. It reduces carbon emission and fuel consumption from lawn equipment.

Carpet Tiles Flooring Solution by Raj Group

We at Raj Group working with various corporate clients across industries, we have implemented Carpet Tiles flooring solutions for them and got a great response from their workforce. 


Carpet tiles are available in a huge range of colours and designs. The way you deploy it in your design can affect the look, feel and sound of a space. The colours and patterns of carpet tiles can convey your unique ambience.

Carpet Tiles uses Nylon thread, which is known for its durability, resilience and comfort. It's static-free, maintains fibre height, and does a great job of resisting staining. All of which makes it a popular choice.


Nylon tends in carpet tiles have a glossier, sharper appearance. Loop pile carpeting is achieved through looping yarns, to bring about a soft, smooth look and feel. In loop pile solutions, higher and lower loops can be combined to play with texture and pattern.

Carpet Tiles Solutions for Industries, by Raj Group. Get in Touch with Raj Group for Carpet Tiles work in your organisation

Mats & Runners Flooring Solution by Raj Group

Raj has carved a niche in the domestic market as being a leading brand that provides quality printed carpets, rugs, mats & runners both for industry and business needs.

Raj Group is also one of the largest manufacturer/supplier of woollen carpet yarn to all the major carpet producing regions of India.

At Raj our printed carpets are created through specialized Chromo-Jet machines that apply a pattern to a white tufted carpet surface by injecting dye through high-pressure jet heads, thus achieving optimal dye penetration for outstanding colour and design clarity. This allows for unprecedented freedom to create inspired and unique carpet, rugs, mats & runners designs.

Let us know your requirements our team can guide you with the customised flooring solutions available with us.